How to Find LG G2 Model Number

The LG G2 designed and manufactured by LG Electronics is a great successor to the LG Optimus G and Optimus G Pro. Making a big change to the normal cellphone's outlook, the LG G2 with 5.2-inch screen has buttons on the back. The LG G2 power and volume buttons are placed below the camera lens on the back, while there are no other buttons around the bezel of the LG G2.

Once the G2 was unveiled to the public in August 2013, LG announced the G2 would be released globally on over 130 carriers as several different model variants in the major markets: South Korea, Canada and the United States etc.

LG G2 model numbers for different carriers are listed in details below.

International LG G2 Model Number

D802 (including the UK market)


LG G2 Model Number in the USA

D800 for AT&T
VS980 for Verizon
LS980 for Sprint
D801 for T-Mobile

LG G2 Model Name in Other Countries

D803 for Canada
D802TA for Australia
F320L for South Korea
D805 for Latin America

LG G2 model number

Do you know your LG G2 model? If not, you should know how to find out your LG G2 model number when you need to download the right ROMs or purchase G2 replacement parts to DIY repair. These helpful tips provide the methods to distinguish different LG G2 model variants.

• LG G2 Model Number in the System

Go to Setting> About, then you will see the LG G2 Model Number.

• LG G2 Back Cover Has the Carrier Logo

If the LG G2 model name is unavailable in your device system, you can check the back cover of your device.

Several LG G2 model variants display the carrier logo on the G2 battery door, which makes it easier for users to identify their LG G2 versions, such as the battery door part of T-Mobile D801.


• Antenna Module Parts Indicate the G2 Model Number

The LG G2 variants models can be found on the antenna module part, which usually shows the G2 model name, such as the T-Mobile D801 and D803 for Canada carriers.


When you remove the LG G2 battery door, you will find the G2 model code at the left side of bottom part, such as this AT&T D800 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly with Front Housing and Battery.

AT&T LG G2 D800 model

Note: If you need to replace broken LG G2 screen assembly or antenna module replacement part, you should choose the right LG G2 parts according to the G2 model number, because different LG G2 screen assembly and antenna module parts for different carriers may be not compatible.

Knowing the LG G2 model number, you can install the proper ROMs for G2 devices. Also, when your phone is damaged, you can purchase the correct LG G2 replacement parts to match the corresponding LG G2 versions.