The Cost of Repairing a Cracked Screen on the Galaxy Note 2 or Note 3

Cracked the screen on your Galaxy Note 2 or Note 3 and wondered how much it will cost to replace the screen? Don't worry. This article could give you a hand. The cost depends on which part of the screen should be repaired, the front glass or the entire screen.

Galaxy Note 3 Screen Replacement


How much to replace only the front glass on the Galaxy Note 2 or Note 3?


If the touchscreen of your Galaxy Note 2/3 sill works well after the screen is cracked, you only have to replace the front glass. The cost of the front glass part is cheap, but you’ll take risks. Because the glass screen is hermetically fused to the Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen, which means it will not be easy to separate them. Professional skills and tools are required for the replacement. The cost of a new and original glass screen for Galaxy Note 2 or Note 3 is around $20, like this Galaxy Note 3 N900 glass lens on ETrade Supply. You can also find many glass lenses on eBay or Amazon, but be careful to choose an original one rather than a fraud one. And you can learn how to replace the front glass from the article How to Replace Only the Glass Screen on the Galaxy Smartphones. If you realize you’re not qualified to replace the glass screen yourself, you can get a new glass lens and turn to a local repair store, which may increase the cost but decrease the risks.


How much to repair the screen assembly on the Galaxy Note 2 or Note 3?


If the touchscreen doesn’t response, you have to replace the entire screen on the Galaxy Note 2/3, meaning it will be costly. The price of a new and original Note 2 or Note 3 screen assembly is about $190 or $225 respectively, like this Galaxy Note II N7100 LCD Screen Assembly and Galaxy Note 3 N900 LCD Screen Assembly on our website. But if the new screen assembly comes with the front frame, it will be a little more expensive but the replacement process will be much easier than replacing the screen assembly without front housing. You can watch the following video of disassembling the Galaxy Note 3 to learn how to replace the Galaxy Note 3 screen assembly with front frame. This video can also be a reference for replacing the Note 2 screen as the note 3 and note 2 inner structures are alike.



  1. well.. at least i know i wont get killed by my mum if only the front screen is spoilt !! fingers crossed

  2. Touxh screen works fantastic but some crack marks on screen I want to replace these marks from it.please help me.

    • Hi bhawani, did u get the screen replaced ? How much did it cost ?
      Pls reply …. my cousin has cracked his note2 screen

  3. Display is fine touch is also working glass is cracket give a solution

  4. Display is fine touch is also working glass is crack give a solution

  5. I bought a screen repair kit. Dont get it its impossible to do it yourself.
    Is there anyplace inexpensive that willl replace my galaxy note 2 screen cheap or am i better off just buying a different phone. I like the phone but broke the screen to many times, used up all my insurance. The store near me will fix it for $350. To expensive!!

    • No its not to expensive if you really like the phone.. OH here is a big thing STOP BREAKING THE SCREENS AND IT WONT COST TO REPLACE THEM! Until you learn this stop crying about what techs charge to do repairs, we gotta eat!

      • Eat your $200-300 lcd screens then because it’s a stupid entrepreneurship. Rather buy a working used Note 2 and sell the one I have that doesn’t work to make the cost of the used one I just bought seem a little less than to give my money to you or any of your copycats.

  6. avinash jaiswal| April 24, 2014 at 5:54 am

    Display is fine touch is also working glass is cracket give a solution

  7. Albab Hussain| May 1, 2014 at 2:27 pm

    Display is fine only the upper corner of mobile glass is slightly broken touch is working very good (Note 2) plz give some solutions

  8. tough is good but its broken in the right side need help (note2) price and tips for future protection thanks

    • You want to put it in a case and use a screen protector. Of course for real protection you can use the cases that cover the entire phone.

  9. My note 3 ….. both front screen is cracked and the display is spoil …… im so dead …… need a quick and cheap way to repair ….. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. the metal one which is present between the screen and back panel got damaged
    can i know how much it costs

  11. Note 2 touch screen price

  12. Hi..listen people I’m writing this off my galaxy note2 right now after I not long replaced the glass outer screen witch I bought off eBay for £2.95 I found it very easy to do but just take your time and don’t rush and it should be ok..I watched a few videos on you tube on how to do it an chose one I thought easy enough to follow. I used just a heat gun to do it..Good luck on trying it your self and don’t let no shops rip you off telling you only experts can do it..

  13. My note 2 screen glass craked not toch screen how much cost for this screen only ???

  14. Now. .Wat can I do…my Samsung galaxy note 2..screen hv Cracking in middle of screen ..but working…n tell me price..In Indian rs…

  15. my note 2 display total is off (black) ,which spare require and its cos

  16. KushvinderSingh| August 24, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    MY Note 2 is Still working Please Tell us How Many Cost IF 9 Paid for Change The Screen Please susget Me quick Thanks For Reading this

  17. My Samsung Mobile note 2 is working properly but want to change the cracked screen. Plz tell me the cost of screen.thanks…

  18. Scree is cracked turns on but solid black I’m guessing its not just the lens. Also makes a weird sound when it turns on. Not my phone a friends I’m just looking at it at this point I don’t think its worth fixing if its not just the lens.

  19. i have Samsung note 3 cracked the screen. I want to repair it. Where I bring to you. Thanks

  20. have anyone replaced the front broken glass of note II???
    IF YES..
    then please can u tell me how much did it cost.. ??
    need some idea about how much it can really cost…..

  21. What is the cost of screen of note 2. It’s possible to replace. Pls help me.

  22. i have replaced the broken glass of my note 2 for 4000 rs at SP road,but after i replace it my wifi signal is low my packet data is 3G but still it will not work before my ph was super fast n nice but now i am getting irritated to use my ph :(

  23. I need a note touch&display h0w much cost pls ssend me 7899939488

  24. i want to know cost of note 2 screen

  25. Am pruthvi my note 2 charger conecter was not working an i gone to samsung service centre and they r costing me around 9000 rs is it true

  26. my phone is samsung note 2 screen and touch damage . pls suggust repairing cost.

  27. Ok so my touch screen on my note 2 works but the display on it is not working at all if I buy a new lcd screen for it will I be able to see the screen??? Plz reply I need to know

  28. my fon display is cracked

  29. i want to replace the screen of my samsung note II

  30. my note 2 screen has spoiled, please how much will it cost, and i need a cheaper way to repair it, please help ! ! ! ! ! !

  31. Hi i have some question. My samsung galaxy note 2′s glass was broken but can still touch. Do i need big cost to repair it ? Sorry if i have some broken english. Im from mlaysia

  32. i want to change my note 2 display it was braked

  33. want to change my samsung note 2 display what is the cost of it

  34. my front screen is broke and crack

  35. how much the exact cost of note 3 screen in indian rupee cos my phn touch ip worki
    mg bt screen goes black when dropped

  36. My Note 2 works better… nothing any external damage happened.
    But screen off suddenly. Service center told that Crystal performance is expired.
    There is no screen damage or else. Now i can receive call, connect changer and even transfer data files. Mob no- 9766972865

  37. My samsung note2 7105 have broken.And now the condition of screen is like, the phone is on but i cannot see anything even cannot answer a call anyway i want to know that how much it will cost approx to repair…

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