The Cost of Repairing a Cracked Screen on the Galaxy Note 2 or Note 3

Cracked the screen on your Galaxy Note 2 or Note 3 and wondered how much it will cost to replace the screen? Don't worry. This article could give you a hand. The cost depends on which part of the screen should be repaired, the front glass or the entire screen.

Galaxy Note 3 Screen Replacement


How much to replace only the front glass on the Galaxy Note 2 or Note 3?


If the touchscreen of your Galaxy Note 2/3 sill works well after the screen is cracked, you only have to replace the front glass. The cost of the front glass part is cheap, but you’ll take risks. Because the glass screen is hermetically fused to the Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen, which means it will not be easy to separate them. Professional skills and tools are required for the replacement. The cost of a new and original glass screen for Galaxy Note 2 or Note 3 is around $20, like this Galaxy Note 3 N900 glass lens on ETrade Supply. You can also find many glass lenses on eBay or Amazon, but be careful to choose an original one rather than a fraud one. And you can learn how to replace the front glass from the article How to Replace Only the Glass Screen on the Galaxy Smartphones. If you realize you’re not qualified to replace the glass screen yourself, you can get a new glass lens and turn to a local repair store, which may increase the cost but decrease the risks.


How much to repair the screen assembly on the Galaxy Note 2 or Note 3?


If the touchscreen doesn’t response, you have to replace the entire screen on the Galaxy Note 2/3, meaning it will be costly. The price of a new and original Note 2 or Note 3 screen assembly is about $190 or $225 respectively, like this Galaxy Note II N7100 LCD Screen Assembly and Galaxy Note 3 N900 LCD Screen Assembly on our website. But if the new screen assembly comes with the front frame, it will be a little more expensive but the replacement process will be much easier than replacing the screen assembly without front housing. You can watch the following video of disassembling the Galaxy Note 3 to learn how to replace the Galaxy Note 3 screen assembly with front frame. This video can also be a reference for replacing the Note 2 screen as the note 3 and note 2 inner structures are alike.