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iPad Air 2 VS Nexus 9, Which Is Better?

ipad air 2 vs nexus 9 2

Both iPad Air 2 and Nexus 9 are celeb tablets of 2014, comparison articles and videos about these two devices are easily founded when searching on Google. However, some still have no idea on which one is better even after reading the long descriptions or watching the videos. So we gather the similarities and differences [...]

The Cost Of Repairing A Broken iPhone 6 Screen

iphone 6 cracked screen cost

In September of 2014, an Australian named Jack Cooksey was the first to buy an iPhone 6 from Perth’s flagship store, as well as the first one to drop it right after he opened the box. During those first few days till now, floods of news have sprung up reporting cracked iPhone 6 screens. Consequently, [...]

Differences Between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus LCD Assembly

iphone 6, 6 Plus Screen Comparison 2

Since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released this past September, we have noticed some obvious and some not so obvious differences between the two, in particular the screens. We all know that the iPhone 6 Plus has a larger screen size, which enables a larger viewing area for playing games, watching videos [...]

How to Know Your iPhone IMEI and Carrier


I wanted to unlock a friend’ iPhone, which need to know its network carrier. She told me the carrier was AT&T, but it turns out not. So, I came up a question that how people know their iPhone carrier. To unlock or activate your iPhone, you need to know your iPhone’s IMEI, then you can [...]

15 Ways to Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

iphone battery short of life

Are you confused as to why your iPhone runs out of power so quickly? Are you pondering the mystery of why your iPhone’s battery drains so quickly even if you only had a few apps opened? Are you concerned with how to extend your iPhone’s battery life without replacing it or the battery for a [...]

iPhone 6 VS Galaxy Note 4, Which Would You Prefer?

iPhone 6 v.s. Galaxy Note 4

As the flagships of Apple and Samsung in 2014, iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 arouse wide concerns since they were released. Now many people still keep asking which phone to choose, here we list the comparisons between iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 for your reference:  

Top 6 iPhone 6 Issues and How to Fix Them


Because Apple has made many changes to the brand new iOS 8 and its new generation iPhone devices, leaving some bugs and issues seems unavoidable. Here we’ve collected the top 6 issues and solutions of iPhone 6 and iOS 8 which most people complained about. No. 1 Bend It’s widely known that iPhone 6 suffers [...]

How to Solve Wi-Fi Problems After Updating iOS 8

How to Fix Wifi Problems after Updating iOS 8

Recently, a lot of Apple users reported that their iPhone or iPad encountered issues with Wi-Fi such as: greyed-out or “Unable To Connect” and so on after updating to iOS 8. Here we collected some potential solutions you can try to see they solve the issue for you.   1. Reset Network Settings Go to [...]

iPhone 6 Plus Review

iphone 6 plus review

After having torn down iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we know about their hardware features, then we used iPhone 6 Plus for several days, here we show you how we feel. In one word, the iPhone 6 Plus is not a revolutionary product but a new upgraded iPhone generation. iPhone 6 Plus seems to [...]

Should I Upgrade to iPhone 6 from Older iPhones?

iphone family

Is it worth to upgrade to iPhone 6? This is a frequently-asked question since iPhone 6 was released on Sep.9th. All right, if you’re an iPhone user and considering whether upgrade to iPhone 6 or not, answers and tips are here.   1. Should I upgrade from iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 or even older iPhones? [...]

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