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  • Replacement Part for Apple iPhone 3GS Digitizer Touch Screen & Glass Lens with Adhesive - A Grade
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  • OEM Apple iPhone 3GS Digitizer Touch Screen & Glass Lens with Adhesive:


    Size: 3.5 inches


    Product Features & ETS Advantage


    Product Features:

    The iPhone 3GS Digitizer is only available in black version. Different from the iPhone 2G LCD Assembly, the Digitizer and LCD Screen of the iPhone 3G are not factory adhered to each other. This means they can be separately replaced. If only the Digitizer is damaged, but the LCD is fully functional, there is no need to replace both of them. Replacing just the Digitizer is less expensive than the complete LCD and Digitizer Assembly. This also applies to the iPhone 3G Digitizer Touch Screen. To ensure that the iPhone 3GS Touch Screens we ship exceed our customer's expectations, we always do a series of tests. This includes dialing, sending SMS, and testing the touch response for proper calibration. We also test the gravity sense function and the unlock finger gestures to check if the phone crashes. Apart from ensuring the function of the Digitizer, we also ensure that every 3GS Digitizer we ship is free of cosmetic problems.


    Purchasing & Installation Notes:

    The Flex Cable Ribbon of the 3GS Touch Screen is vulnerable to damage so it is necessary to be gentle with the Digitizer during the installation process. During installation, verify that the buckle is fastened to the motherboard. Sometimes, the buckle may be loosened during phone use. To solve this problem, you can use a small shock-proof rubber mat that can be adhered to the buckle to fasten it tightly. When the replacement is finished, the iPhone 3G Screen Protector should be used to prevent scratches.


    Apple iPhone 3GS (16GB)

    Apple iPhone 3GS (32GB)

    This is a video about how to take apart / tear down iPone 3GS. Please get the tools ready before taking part iPone 3GS: Tweezers, Safe Open Pry Tool, Small Phillips Screwdriver, Sucking disc.

    Step One: Remove the 2 screws and open the LCD screen carefully with the Sucking Disc. Use the tweezers to open 1.2.3.connectors and remove the LCD assembly, and then use the Safe Open Pry Tool to open the 5-8 connectors.

    Step Two: Remove the 8 screws and the SIM card reader bracket. Use the Tweezers to loosen the camera and remove the motherboard and the camera. Remove the 3 screws and the charging port flex cable ribbon assembly.

     Step Three: Open 1 screw, and remove the sensor flex cable ribbon carefully. Then Remove 5 screws and separate the LCD screen from the digitizer touch panel.

    The buckle of the 3GS Digitizer is smaller than that of the 3G Touch Screen, so they are not compatible

  • (591)
    4 out of 5 star
    Reviewed by Bri** Johns** 

    (Posted on 12/17/14)

    The HTC One M8 replacement housing is perfect, and from what I can tell, truly an OEM replacement. Fairly easy installation, and comes with replacement camera lens pre-attached. I will definitely be picking up another one to maintain the life of my HTC One M8.

    [ ETS Answer ] Thank you ! Hope to serve you more:)

    Reviewed by jam** journ** 

    (Posted on 12/14/14)

    Quick delivery, shipping was expensive though I live in the Dallas area (where it shipped from).
    Build is nice, whole screen is responsive. Hopefully this one will last me another 2 years!

    Reviewed by Mik** Häkkin** 

    (Posted on 12/13/14)

    Very good spare part. Judged by the quality it is indeed an original Nexus 5 part and works as intended. Giving four stars to quality only because it has a very small area (literally lesser than 2mm) at the very top of the screen where the screen is not as bright as elsewhere. I guess the screen has failed quality control and has ended up to this store somehow. I am very pleased to the screen but still have to figure out why the phone doesn't get connected to the mobile network.

    [ ETS Answer ] Hi Mikko Häkkinen, thanks for your comments, about the issue"why the phone doesn't get connected to the mobile network", I have consulted with our products manager, he advised you check the signal line if it is damaged or change the signal line. Any other thing need support, please contact service@etradesupply.com

    Reviewed by Andre** Kapsal** 

    (Posted on 12/10/14)


    [ ETS Answer ] Thank you

    Reviewed by adamp@wp.** Piórec** 

    (Posted on 12/9/14)

    very good qality of product :) (jesli czyta to ktos z polski mozna brac smiało folia niczym nie rozni sie od oryginału sklep godny zaufania).

    [ ETS Answer ] Thank you, If you have any question with the order, please contact with us.

    Reviewed by hend** h

    (Posted on 12/8/14)

    Really satisfied with the purchase, etradesupply fast reply and shipping!
    good product with

    [ ETS Answer ] Thanks

    Reviewed by Dav** Sor** 

    (Posted on 12/7/14)

    This screen is really great quality, It works great, please see attached photo with new screen assembled. Delivery was also very quick, package was great protected. I ordered some other screens and I hope they will as good quality as this screen for HTC One M8. Thank you ETrade :)

    [ ETS Answer ] Thank you, hope to serve you more :)

    Reviewed by Richa** Levesq** 

    (Posted on 12/5/14)

    part arrived and worked perfectly Devlivered as described and was brand new OEM

    [ ETS Answer ] Thank you for your nice communication.

    Reviewed by Richa** Bro** 

    (Posted on 11/27/14)

    These parts work great. I order these parts regularly and have 100% trust in the quality of Etrade iPhone parts. They work hard to ensure quality is the best. Very happy customer!

    [ ETS Answer ] Thank you for your great cooperation. Hope to serve you next time.

    Reviewed by elm** orte** 

    (Posted on 11/26/14)

    it was good the price is ok, shipping was alright i have nothing else to say

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